What is a lifestyle portrait?

A lifestyle portrait is a photo shoot outside at a location of your choice in the North East.  This could be a special place you love spend time with your family such as the beach, park or in the woods. My photo shoot is informal with the focus being on natural connection between you and your family rather than too many posed portraits, every family is unique!

What happens after the photo shoot?

After your shoot ends we have two options.  The first and my preference is to arrange an appointment when we get together in your home and I show you all the images in a digital presentation on a large screen, where you can view your images choose your favourite images from your photo shoot.  The second option is to set up access to a online gallery and slideshow for you to view your images in a 24hour period.

What if the weather isn’t great on the day of your photo shoot?

As we all know weather in the North East can be very unpredictable so i am always on weather watch in preparation for your photo shoot, if the weather is looking really bad, I will always communicate with you to discuss whether you would like to cancel and rearrange for another day (there is no charge to change days due to the weather). . The only weather conditions that I cannot shoot in is heavy rain. Light rain however can be quite atmospheric and fun for children and families and provide opportunities for umbrellas and wellies.  It is a common viewpoint that sunny days are the best conditions for photography. But in fact a more overcast, cloudy day often creates a natural softer image.

What should I wear for the lifestyle portrait shoot?

Probably the best advice I could give you for all of you are clothes that you feel comfortable and yourself in.

It is best to try and avoid any clothes with really large logos and brand names across the front, as in years to come these will have dated and big, bold logos just detract from you.

Think about wearing clothes and colours that complement each other, also think about the colour scheme of where you will display your images, will a bright pink top work in a muted toned room?

I love adding in little props and personal items that the children love, a special teddy or a football, skipping ropes etc., they all add enjoyment, fun, personality to your images

I want you to all be as relaxed as possible, have some fun with your family, enjoy this special time and let me create some beautiful photographs that capture your unique family!

To book your family a photography session please send me a message