Newcastle children photography plessey woods

The Plessey Wood Country Park with its open meadows, pleasant woodland and river walks is a perfect location for a photo shoot.  I love the open spaces to allow the children that i have photographing to be able to run free so that i can capture the fun and excitement of the day.  What boy can resist climbing up a tree!  I just like to let them go!  Instead of trying to contain children to a specific backdrop, allow them to explore. They’ll be a thousand times more cooperative when you do try to get them to do something specific. There is always an element of if me calling to them “look over here” and “look over there,” and “stand up, sit down. . . ” (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) But I always remember that my subject doesn’t have to be looking directly at the camera (or even facing the camera at all for that matter) in order for the image to tell a powerfully authentic story.

Boys climbing into a tree.